Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Go, Germany!

In spite of my German heritage, I have to admit I've never been the huge soccer (football) fan most of my native family members are. Nevertheless, I did go to a bar last week where a World Cup game was being shown. Again... I'm not being entirely truthful. I mostly went for the wing special. Those guys in green seemed to be doing an a-ok job. Go Green!

But I digress...

I had to pass along this awesome tune by a German band called Klee, courtesy of Said the Gramophone. It's essentially power pop comparable to something like Wir Sind Helden, but this feels more elegant to me.

[mp3] Klee - Fur Alle, Die

* My Old Kentucky Blog has some more about the band.
* As for the Paul Klee painting, I just thought it was interesting. I managed to catch an exhibit of his work the last time I was in Germany and this made me feel nostalgic. Good times.

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