Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help me start a fire

Hmmm?? Gah!! Sorry, that was my initial reaction when I first heard Tobias Froberg's "When the Night Turns Cold." I'm normally hesitant to post about people I know so little about. Fortunately I learned everything I need to know about Froberg in a 4-sentence email.

Froberg is a Swedish musician on the Cheap Lullaby label and if these two songs are any indication, he makes some really fantastic folk/pop music full of sweet chimes, ambling banjos and ethereal keyboards. What a very pleasant surprise to start off my morning. Be sure to check these out:

[mp3] Tobias Froberg - When the Night Turns Cold
[mp3] Tobias Froberg - Love and Misery

* Check out Tobias on MySpace
* Official site here.


Anonymous said...

This guys great. He sounds vaguely familiar but I can't quite place where I know his voice from. Thanks, MaryEllen

Shaun said...

The procussion made me a little nervous at first but the way he sings, "would you love me for my heart?" won me over. And then the chorus kicks in. Yeah, good track. Nice find.