Thursday, June 01, 2006

Phantom City Surgeon

We've posted one or two older A/V songs before, but never discussed the man in any great detail. The reason is that, until now, we haven't had any new releases to talk about. What I mean to say is: synth-punk wonder Philip Clark has a new album out! The aptly-named CD is called Hot Action and I'm sure Mr. Clark would be happy to sell you a copy via his website.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Who the hell is Philip Clark? You'd think that after knowing him personally for at least a year or two I'd be able to give you a straight answer, but that's not really the case. He's a synth-enthusiast, an avid blogger, he lives in a big mysterious house, and he's probably not as quiet as his calm demeanour may lead you to believe.

Sounds like a dance-party waiting to happen, doesn't it? Maybe you'll be more convinced once you walk into one of his shows to find him swinging from the ceiling monitors, or stealing everybody's shoes at an all-ages show. He has this thing with pirates, you see... Or maybe I should just let these new songs speak for themselves:

[mp3] A/V - Phantom City Wants To Hurt You
[mp3] A/V - The Clumsy Surgeon

A/V plays in Fredericton tonight at The Capital. Show 'im some love!

* Buy Hot Action and make a wish come true


travisthered said...

calm demeanour?

Seriously, phil rocks though. Also, the trick was too modest to mention that he will also be playing with Phil and Mr. Gary Flanagan! Come one come all!

gigantor said...

Spin the disco ball for me boys!

The Trick said...

Yep, and we'll make sure Dan gets in trouble for it, too. Even though I don't think he'll be there.