Friday, June 23, 2006

So, so guilty

It seems to be one thing after another us these days, doesn't it? Just when I think I'll be back on a posting roll, something else always comes up. I may just have to officially state that we're going to be cutting back the number of posts per week. However, we're not dead yet. These things happen, and in fact, may change again down the road.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, this one's for you. In the tradition of posting dance tunes and remixes on weekends, here are some of my current favourites. That Bloc Party remix finally captures some of the remix potential I've heard in the original Helicopter since it was released. I'm glad someone was able to bring out that frantic energy in it. Meanwhile, Nick Zinner dancifies "Turn Into," The Knife's "We Share Our Mother's Health" gets even weirder than it was before, and Scissor Sisters receive the Hot Chip treatment.

[mp3] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into (Nick Zinner Mix)
[mp3] Bloc Party - Helicopter (Breakneck Mix)
[mp3] The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentemoller Mix)
[mp3] Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama Out (Hot Chip Mix)

1 comment:

james henry said...

Like the bloc party remix one particularly. Mmm... handclaps.