Monday, June 19, 2006

Steal this corporation

The latest Thievery Coporation release, Versions, has been getting some rotation this past week. Having listened to it a few times through, I'm not really sure what to say.

Not exactly an album of new music, Versions is a compilation of Thievery Coporation remixes. Your enjoyment of the album will depend entirely on what you expect from a Thievery Corporation album. Generally speaking, this isn't a big stretch from their other releases. It's thoroughly consistent from beginning to end -- a little too consistent for my tastes. And it definitely covers all the expected Thievery Coporation jazzy-trip-hop bases you would expect -- again, maybe a little too thoroughly.

Essentially, while there may be some great songs here, they are buried amidst too many songs that sound exactly the same. I realize consistency is important when you're trying to establish a mood as Thievery Coporation often does, but this takes the cake in terms of "sameness" on display. If you want some wallpaper music to put on at a hipper-than-average dinner party or maybe just something neutral to put on for a quiet evening, you've found it. If you want an album that is actually engaging, song-to-song, you may have to look elsewhere.

Of course, there are highlights on the album. These happen to be some of the more mainstream names in the tracklist, but they also hold up to the remix treatment in a more interesting way than most of Versions.

[mp3] The Doors - Strange Days (Thievery Coporation mix)
[mp3] Sarah McLachlan - Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Coporation mix)

* Buy Thievery Coporation - Versions
* To be fair, most other bloggers appear to have enjoyed the album more than I did. Check out some of their reviews.

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