Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All the Small Sins

Last week we caught Toronto's Small Sins (formerly The Ladies & Gentlemen) here in Fredericton. From my understanding, the band is really more of a solo project run amok, with bassist and singer Thomas D'Arcy being responsible for most of the recorded output. Live, however, the band is a white-suited powerpop five-piece. They even have a guy whose sole job is keyboard solos, drinking, and hitting stuff. Neat.

As a result, the album I picked up at the show basically sounds nothing like the live act. The songs are all there and the melodies are all intact, but there is a lot more breathing room on the record. The live sound was dense and big, while the album sounds a lot more minimalist and even a little bit fragile. When you first listen to it, you keep waiting for the oomph of a big guitar to lift the song up, but it never quite arrives. Instead, the songs unfold at their own pace and just sort of take you along for the ride.

[mp3] Small Sins - Stay

* Small Sins on MySpace
* Photo from Planet Keri

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