Friday, July 28, 2006

Too hot to handle

This is Hot Chip. You've probably read about them on numerous blogs and today you're going to hear about them from one more blogger.

Right, so you already know that Hot Chip produces classic dreamy electro pop over killer beats. And you already know that they've done some inspired remix work. I bet you've even heard of their live performance ethos, which is to say they actually prefer to play their synths rather than have a computer sequence them.

What could I possibly have to add that you don't already know? That's a good question. Now that I actually have a copy of the band's new album The Warning, I can 100% guaranteed certifiably endorse any of the above statements that you may have read on other blogs. Just buy the album already. Unless you don't like fun...

[mp3] Hot Chip - And I Was a Boy from School
[mp3] Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama Out (Hot Chip mix)

* Buy Hot Chip - The Warning

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thx for the yyys rmx (nick zinner), which I discovered yesterday. Keep up the good work! Grüße aus Köln