Monday, August 14, 2006

10 things I hate about Joker

I'm a total geek for anything Batman related, so I'm excited to see some news and rumours about the sequel to Chris Nolan's Batman Begins finally surfacing. The first official announcement (a week or two ago) confirmed that Heath Ledger would take on the role of the Joker and that the movie's current title is simply The Dark Knight.

I don't think anybody had Ledger in mind when they considered their dream cast for the movie, but I have to say I'm pretty warm to the idea. The guy is a good actor and looks like he could give a more menacing performance than we're used to seeing from the character. Given the "real world" context Nolan and company have given the Batman mythology, it makes sense that a new Joker would have to be more dynamic than the straight-up demented clown approach. I'm confident that with a decent script, Ledger's Joker has the potential to be as sick and twisted as Bale's Batman is determined.

We have no idea what this Joker will look like. If he looks like classic renditions of the character, we may get something like the mock-up at the top of this post (from Newsarama), but I doubt that. I'm guessing the colours will be toned down and that he will look a bit more "scary" ... however they do that.

Everything else we've heard is rumour, but some of those are exciting too. I keep up with my Batman movie news through the excellent site Batman-on-film.

[mp3] Steve Miller Band - The Joker


gigantor said...

I'm slowly warming up to the idea of Ledger as the Joker. He's a good actor and I bet he can play twisted damn well, but I can't get that image of him singing and dancing across the bleachers to julia stiles out of my head. Plus there's definitely gonna be something up on Youtube with the Brokeback music and clips of Joker and Batman made to look sexy- which could be funny, but might get annoying.

Ed said...

I haven't heard this track in ages! Thank you so much. Still find that I cannot imagine anyone other than Jack Nicolson playing the joker...

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