Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let's go to the mall, man!

It's been a while since I've taken a look in the ol' mailbag and... holy crap, it's overflowing! Right, so in order to catch up, I'll be taking some time over the next couple of weeks to point you in the direction of some artists whose publicists are working overtime.

First up we have Mark Mallman, a man whose bio describes his music as "legendary piano rock" in the grand tradition of early Elton John and David Bowie with the theatricality of Freddy Mercury. That sounds like a bit of an overstatement to me, but nevertheless I have to admit that the music is kind of appealing.

On the track "Substances," Mallman sounds more angsty than any of those names dropped above. There's a synth-infused strain of dark pop that slithers just beneath the surface of the song, which is more Franz Ferdinand than Freddy Mercury. There are more songs on his myspace, so you can decide for yourself. I guess we'll know more on August 28, when his album Between the Devil and Middle C comes out.

[mp3] Mark Mallman - Substances

* Official site


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that one. Isn't there some Billy Idol in it?

Anonymous said...


A few months ago you guys mentioned a music blog that was posting an entry for each state in the US. Do you remember which blog it was?


The Trick said...

That was Trees Lounge, although I don't think there've been any new posts since June. You can find them at: