Saturday, September 02, 2006

Big Debts

I am sure some of you have been wondering what it would take to awaken this beast from its muted slumber. Well, it is true I have neglected you for a while and I am taking a public stance on the fact that I am restocked with ideas and new music.

The song that is pushing me backionto my music sharing is from an album I have had on very heavy rotation lately. Not Saying/Just Saying is the debut album by Shout Out Out Out Out. The band has received a good deal of press the past few months and was featured on CBC Radio. According to their label "Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers + five cowbells + two octapads + one vocoder." Awesomez!

Forever Indebted is a song about being in debt, big debt, knowing that there is really nothing you can do about it, and how much it sucks. Personally, I love the lyrics in this song even more than its catchy beats. The message rings so true to me and many people I know.

Here are the lyrics:

Big debts

you know they've got me, more than i've got them

and every month i think i've finally hit the bottom
but they keep growing, and fucking growing
and every month i get in deeper with my owing

well goddamn, how did this happen?
it's not like i spend all my time steady spending
well goddamn, if i could get out, somehow i know i'd just
go right back in

all my friends, they're in the same boat
they just can't get out
but they keep working every day as if there's hope
and that's it, that's how we're living
hand to mouth, but we're still made to feel guilty

well goddamn, how did this happen?
it's not like we spend all our time steady spending
well goddam, if we could get out, somehow i know we'd just
go right back in

they say you have to learn to compromise
stay inside your means, and we'll all be fine
but we're surrounded by their credit lines and their
payment plans with interest piled high
why do you think they fucking advertise?
it's 'cause we'll make them rich, while they ruin our lives
like jaycie jayce in a conga line, i'm in an ackward place
and i'm out of time
they only say you have to compromise once you're in too
deep and they own your life
there's no wonder that we're all stressed out when paying
bills is all that's on our minds

I recently got in touch with Nik Kozub to inquire if the band would be touring the east coast of Canada, but unfortunately we will have to wait or travel to see their highly acclaimed live show.

[mp3] Shout out out out out - Forever Indebted

* Visit Shout out out out out's Myspace

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Loud Is Relative said...

The lyrics mimic the story of my life, I'm defintely checking this band out!