Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Christine Fellows experience

Thursday night we saw The Weakerthans (who we've posted about before). They were great, as always, and even played a handful of new songs that sound like the band may be working on a somewhat different sounding album.

In a way, though, the night was stolen by opener Christine Fellows. Fellows's music was completely new to me, but oh what a welcome surprise. Her music is refreshingly whimsical and observational, but it's also very grounded and purposeful.

I can't say enough good things about her right now. "Face Down. Feet First." was a solid opener for her set, but it was "Vertebrae" that was etched in my brain for the rest of the night. Listen and get ready to fall in love.

[mp3] Christine Fellows - Vertebrae
[mp3] Christine Fellows - Face Down. Feet First.

* Buy Christine Fellows - Paper Anniversary


c said...

wow, there's a very quirky version of early joni mitchell somewhere in those songs. i was just saying to someone the other day that there is nothng better than being bowled over by an opener, out of the blue, like. ~ cool ~

Joseph said...

nice blog you have here.
i, like you, have fallen in love with christine fellows. a funny sidenote, she is married to john samson, singer of the weakerthans.

Anonymous said...

Cant download the songs :(

The Trick said...

Yeah, sorry about that. All of our links were broken when our hosting "upgraded" last week. We'll have to see if it was worth the hassle or not.