Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dining to the beat

I came across an interesting article today about music in restaurants. Not only does it interest me for the obvious reason that I'm into music, but I also happen to have a big interest in food. When my girlfriend and I have guests for dinner, I try to take a a few minutes to put together a playlist to create some atmosphere.

With the right mix of music, I find that meals can be much more enjoyable. "Shuffle" just doesn't cut it for that purpose. For one, I prefer to be somewhat relaxed when I eat, so I'd rather avoid the more "challenging" music I have around. Second, I tend to change the playlists depending on the guests. For parents, for example, I try to include classic favourites, while contemporary friends are more likely to hear a mix of new and old.

What do you listen to when you eat?

And yes, I know we've used that photo before. So sue me.


donnatron said...

The music selection is definitely dependent on the guest, but it's always fun to play around with. My dad likes The Guess Who and The Beatles, so I make sure to include them on the playlist, and include some newer, sonically similar artists like Sam Roberts or Jason Collett. For my friends, it's a big range of music. As long as it's upbeat and something we enjoy. The Dudes are a favourite right now, but there's nothing that tickles our fancy like 'Sexy Back.' It's so stupid and wrong that it twists around and somehow becomes right.

Anonymous said...

Haha i agree Donnatron, some really bad songs sometimes become really good (read:Pussy Control)

D. A. Shaw said...

I used to rely on the double J while cooking and eating.

But more recently, I'd say just anything I like from the lighter side of my music collection (indie/alternative/electro).

LB said...

Depends on my mood, but usually Pinback. Unless I'm doing Italian. Then it's Mob Hits. And for spring evenings with the windows open, Billie Holiday and Miles Davis.

Ms .45 said...

I hadn't thought about this for a while, but I do have an iTunes playlist called "Dinner". For eating, I don't want something that's so awesome that I want to get up and dance - it should be a kinda background awesomeness. The music tends to be instrumental, fairly low BPM, good for sitting.

Artists include Gil Scott-Heron, Wes Montgomery, Beastie Boys (In Sound, natch), Nina Simone, John Zorn Filmworks, Rolling Stones (Exile)... excellent artists all, but music more for eating (and making out) than for dancing.