Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From 22 to 24

**Spoiler Warning Blah Blah**

Ok so this season 24 is back and it is on fire. Jack has already been tortured and escaped by biting off a guys jugular while being bound up. An interesting addition to this season are two new terrorist characters Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Van Wilder) as Ahmed Amar and Shaun Majumder (Uh-Oh!, This Hour has 22 Minutes) as Hasan Numair.

Well to spoil it all, at the end of the last episode Jack is force to kill Curtis, his old friend and Director of field Ops. This along with the twenty months he just spent being tortured in a Chinese prison, causes Jack to breakdown. At the same time. the rest of CTU messes up and the terrorists set of a nuke in Los Angeles killing thousands. Jack sees this and they play that nice little melody from the film Crash.

So now all the CTU teams except for Jack's are dead and he just killed the head of field Ops. We can expect that this is just what jack will need to spring back into action and kick some terrorist butt. Also don't expect to see Penn or Madjumder again as they are also now dead.

24 is awesome.

[mp3] Mark Isham - Flames

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