Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Weakerthans: Reunion Tour

My wife and I went on a roadtrip last weekend, so we decided to pick up some new music for the drive. I have fond memories of listening to The Weakerthans on the road, so when a copy of their latest, Reunion Tour, landed in my hands, it accompanied me to the cash register. I can't count how many drives we soundtracked with Left and Leaving, Fallow, or Reconstruction Site over the years.

For better or worse, Reunion Tour finds The Weakerthans sounding very er... Weakerthans-ish. In many ways, the album picks up right where Reconstruction Site left off, so you're bound to recognize many of the band's trademarks. Fortunately, that sound never wore out its welcome with me, so I'm totally game for another round of John K. Samson's plaintive, poetic lyrics, supported by a canvas of folk, punk, and minimalism as only The Weakerthans can paint. It's not more of the same, so much as it's a continued exploration of the matured sound the band struck up on their last effort.

The band sounds like they're very comfortable in their shoes and the result is an album that sounds confident and contagious. It's hard not to get tangled up in the shimmering chorus of "Sun in an Empty Room" or the heart-breaking story of Virtute the cat's departure. Fans of Reconstruction Site should be all over this.

MP3s: Epitaph site
Official Site: The Weakerthans
Wikipedia: The Weakerthans

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