Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Lulz -- er -- Lulls

Dear Blog Land,

I've missed you. I'd love to write something about all the new music I've been falling in love with, but times have been tough for me in that regard. Fact of the matter is, the best music I've been listening to lately is stuff that I never had a chance to hear in 2007; either that, or it's more than 50 years old. Sure, I like the new Hot Chip, but I think everybody else has that covered nicely and I don't feel compelled to add to the din right now. Patrick Wolf's last album finally entered my collection a few weeks ago... Is a year too late to get blogger cred for that discovery? I guess so. Hey, that Britt Daniels remix of Feist is okay. Sorta.

No, the truth is, I've been making more music lately than I've been listening to, and it's working out quite nicely for me at this time. But I still miss you anyway; I haven't forgotten, and I will return.

The Trick

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