Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terminating the Garbage

Today, this Hollywood Reporter article reunited two things I haven't thought about in a while: Garbage and The Terminator. Apparently Shirley Manson has decided to pursue an acting career and landed a role in the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv show. I was fond of Garbage in high school and have good memories of seeing them live on the 2.0 tour, but like many people, I found that my interest waned on the two following albums.

As for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I'll admit that I haven't really given the show a fair shot, but as for the episode or two that I did see? Well, I didn't love them. Something about the two leads, Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker, sort of bugs me. Dekker should go back to Heroes, so Hunter can pick up his music career in The Office. Anyway, this casting news might actually convince me to try the show again. I dig Manson's personality and I hope they give her something decent to work with. Apparently she's playing the "CEO of a cutting-edge high-tech company." Ooh la la!

[mp3] Garbage - Queer (Self-titled)
[mp3] Garbage - You Look So Fine (Version 2.0)

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