Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Baroness of Canadian Pop

I'm still feeling the aftertaste of that Bridges album and I think I need to clear my palate. It's also been a while since we touched on some cancon (Canadian Content, yo!), so this satisfies both of those needs.

Sarah Slean has played in our town several times and I've managed to miss her every single time for one reason or another. I always regret it later, because I've always enjoyed her albums. I realized today that I've yet to hear her latest, The Baroness, in its entirety. Day One came out when I was still working for one of those chain music stores and it got me through a lot of rough mornings, when it was the only tolerable album -- a shining gem -- in our playpile. I can happily say I still think of it fondly, long after my obligation to play it has passed.

[mp3] Sarah Slean - Mary (Day One)
[mp3] Sarah Slean - Goodnight Trouble (The Baroness)
[official site] Sarah Slean
[Amazon] Sarah Slean - The Baroness

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