Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early Sounds from Earlimart

California's Earlimart was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon their Avenues EP back in 2003, so it's great to hear that they have new music on the way. At the time, I thought they were a bit Grandaddy-esque, though a little more introverted and without the loopy sci-fi atmosphere. The full-length Hymn and Her comes out July 1 and it seems they haven't strayed too far from the sound I came to know them by.

"Song For" chugs along contently; touches of piano, acoustic guitar and bowed strings mingle with spacey echoes and although it never really blows up, it's a pretty satisfying bit of understated pop. This might be worth checking out.

[mp3] Earlimart - Song For (Hymn and Her)
[mp3] Earlimart - Color Bars (Avenues EP)
[MySpace] Earlimart
[official site] Earlimart

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