Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Review: The Bridges

Call me an optimist, but I'm typically willing to write about almost anything people send my way. But what can you write when the album in question doesn't inspire anything beyond a "meh." I might not even have bothered with The Bridges' debut, Limits of the Sky, except that I happened to notice they were produced by Matthew Sweet, who I at least recognize, even if I can't remember any of his songs off the top of my head.

As it turns out, maybe I should have left it at that. Limits of the Sky is unmemorable at best and offensively bland at worst. The Bridges do folk-pop, which is fine by me, but their take on the genre seems to be completely without personality or playfulness. My God, even the album cover is boring. The second half of the album seems less intent on producing radio hits and if the album shines anywhere, I suppose it's here. But that's a very thin silver lining.

At least I can report that the album's competently performed. These girls can sing and the whole affair sounds nicely polished, but that can't make up for its complete lack of colour. Talent can only take you as far as your material allows, and these songs aren't doing them any favours.

Verdict: Guilty on 12 counts of being totally average
Sentence: Community service

[mp3] The Bridges - All The Words
[Amazon] The Bridges - Limits of the Sky


Evan said...

Ouch... My friend sent me their myspace link a few weeks ago and I loved it... bought it on itunes when it came out a few days ago. I think they're awesome, and HOT! You really didn't like it?

Anonymous said...

You write about music and you know nothing about Matthew Sweet? How much do you know about music in general? Not particularly articulate as a writer for that matter. Do you blog because you have no marketable talent? Do you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Write about food - at least you can claim some first hand experience with what you eat.

The Trick said...

I feel so validated.

The Trick said...

Also, I DID say that Sweet's name is the only reason I checked it out in the first place, so it's obviously not accurate to say I know nothing about him. I have nothing against the guy; he just hasn't been on my radar since 1995 or so.

Oh, and I DO write about food, but that's a different blog altogether. Thanks for reading.

Evan, I'm glad you're enjoying it. If we all liked the same things, comment sections would be way boring. It's just not my cup of tea. Cheers.

shawn avery said...

if you didn't like their record... maybe check out an ep they sang background vocals on. its being released on july 8th.


much different than the bridges material.

on itunes: wiseblood vol. 1

Anonymous said...

I agree with Evan, it's not as bad as you make it out to be.

sweeter said...

I like the cd! It's one of those that take time but once you are caught in it, it's hard not to listen. It's not an album that you will get tried of easily... unless of course I'm just too excited for the Rooney/The Bridges concert coming up in three days and that Stacey and Isaaca from the Bridges are really cute!

danielle said...

how sad that you don't understand good music when it hits you straight in the face.

maybe you should see them live, and your mind will change.

if not, good. i rather keep their music to myself.